Dua after Ziarat e Aale YasinDua after Ziarat e Aale Yasin

O Allah, surely I ask You that You send blessings upon Mohammad (s.a.w.)

The prophet of Your mercy and the word of your light. And fill my heart with the light of certainty And my chest with light of faith.

And my thinking with the light of intentions. And my determination with the light of knowledge.

And my strength with the light of action.

And my tongue with the light of truthfulness.

And my religion with the light of understanding from You. And my vision with brightness.

And my hearing with the light of wisdom. A

nd my love with the light of friendship for Mohammad (s. a. w.) and his progeny. Peace be upon (all of) them until I meet You.

And certainly I discharged Your promise and Your covenant. So You cover me with Your mercy, O Master ! O Praiseworthy.

O Allah send Your blessings upon Muhammad, Your proof on Your earth. And Your vicegerent of Your cities. And the caller towards Your way.

And the upright by Your justice. And the one who arouses by Your command. The master of the believer and the perdition of the disbelievers.

And the enlightener of the darkness. And the illuminator of the truth. And the speaker with the wisdom and the truth.

And Your complete word on Your earth. The anxious anticipator and the counseling Master, the ship of salvation. And the flag of guidance and the light of the sight of mankind. And best of he who was attired and was clothed and the illuminator of the blind.

The one who will fill the earth with justice and equity just as it was filled with injustice and oppression. Surely You are powerful over everything.

O Allah send Your blessings upon Your friend and son of Your friends.

Those whom You have ordered (for) obeying them. And You made (the observation of) their rights compulsory

And You removed from them the uncleanliness and purified them a thorough purifying.

O Allah help him and come to the aid of Your religion through him And help Your friends and his friends and his followers and his helpers through him. And place us among them.

O Allah protect him from the evil of every tyrant and despot. And from the evil of all Your creatures. And protect him from his front and his back and his right and from his left. And protect him and prevent from him the reaching of any evil. And protect Your Apostle and the progeny of Your Apostle through him.

And make the justice manifest through him.And support him by the victory. And help his helpers and abandon his deserters.

And breakup his dividers and break up the giants of disbelief through him. And through him kill the disbelievers and the hypocrites and all the heretics. Wherever they be, in the east of the earth and its west, its land and its sea.

And fill the earth with justice through him. And manifest the religion of Your prophet blessings be upon him and his progeny through him.

And place me,O Allah, among his helpers and his aiders and his followers and his partisans. And show me in the progeny of Mohammad peace be upon them whatever they are hoping. And in their enemies whatever the enemies are afraid (of).

O God of the truth, Amen (Accept). O the possessor of splendour and honour ! O the most merciful of all the mercifuls.

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