Supplication of Faraj (Opening the door of blessing)Supplication of Faraj (Opening the door of blessing)

O’ my Lord, the affliction is great, the concealment has go away and the veil is uncovered, and the hope has come to and end, the Earth has become tightened and the Heaven has averted, You are the helper and unto You we laid our complain, we rely on You when on difficulties and when on comfort.
O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the leader whom You have made their obedience incumbent on us and defined their rank to us, so relief us such a quick relief for their sake within twinkle of eye or even closer than that, O’ Muhammad, O’ Ali, O’ Ali, O’ Muhammad, suffice me indeed both of you are worthy of that, help me, indeed both of you are worthy of that, O’ my master, O’ the leader of the time, relief, relief, relief, accept me, accept me, accept me, this time, this time, this time, quickly, quickly, quickly, O’ the most merciful of the merciful by the sake of Muhammad and his purified family.

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