Supplication 5Supplication 5

THE SENCOND SUPPLICATION IN HIS QUNUT (may our souls be sacrifice for him;

O’ Allah, the proprietor of the supreme authority, You gave the reign to whom You wishes and take of reign from whom You wishes, You honour whom ever You wishes and dishonour whom ever You wishes, You are the possessor of all goods; verily You attain the strength over all thing; O’ the glorious, O’ the Bountiful, O’ He who possess Majesty and the bestowal of honour, O’ the Courageous, O’ He who possess severe courage, O’ He who acts according to His wishes, O’ He who possesses firm strength, O’ The compassionate, O’ The Merciful, O’ The Most Kind, O’ He who exists when there is no any existence.

      O’ Allah! I requested from Thee, by Thy conceal and deposited Names, the self existent, the Eternal, by the concealed knowledge with Thee, You make impact that none of Our creatures are aware of , I also requested from Thee by Thy Name by which Thee shaped Thy creature in the womb how Thee wishes, by Thy Name You convey their provision in the darkness of the layers between the vein and the bone, I requested from Thee by Thy Name which Thee made the intimacy between the mind of Thy good friends and between an ice water and flame. I requested from Thee by Thy Name by which Thee have created the taste of the water by Thy Name by which Thee transfer water to the plants under the layers on the ground and have through it transfer the water to the vein of the trees between the solid and the rock.. I ask Thee by Thy Name by which Thee have created the taste of the fruits and their colors. I requested  from Thee by Thy Name which we commence and conclude and I am requesting from Thee by Thy Name, the one and the Only, having the exclusive possession of oneness, The Oneness in His everlasting, I requested from Thee by Thy Name that cause the water to gush out of the hard rock and Thee convey it to wherever Thee wishes.

      I requested from Thee by Thy Name by which Thee have created Thy creations and have provide their provision how Thee and they wishes, O’ He who was not changed by day and night, I call upon Thee as Noah has called upon Thee and You salvage him together with those with him and Thee have perished the unbelievers among his people, I have also call upon The as Ibrahim (Thy intimate friend) had called Upon Thee when Thee rescued him and made  the flame cold and peace for him, I call upon Thee as Moses does (Thy addresser) when he called upon Thee and Thee split the sea for him and rescued him and the children of Israel and drown Pharaoh and his people in the sea.

I call upon Thee as Jesus (Thy spirit) did when he called upon Thee and Thou rescued him from his enemies and raised him unto Thyself, and I call upon Thee as Thy beloved, Thy sincere, Thy Prophet Muhammad (blessing be upon him and his holy progeny) did and Thee answer his call and rescued him from the troops that against him and gave him upper hand against Thy enemies.

      I requested from Thee by Thy Name Thee accepted prayers when Thee are call with it, O, He who possess the command and the creation, O’ He who Knowledge encompasses every thing, O’ He who knows everything in number, O’ He who did not change by day and night, O’ He the voice of those that call Him are not in similarity to Him and there are no any hidden language to Him and the plaintive cries of those who weep do not weary Him.

      I seek from Thee to send Thy blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the best among Thy creatures. Blessed them with the best blessing and bless all the Prophets and the Messengers, who has delivered Guidance from Thee, who has made very sophisticate their covenant with  You through obedience, and send Thy blessing to Thy good servants.

      Implement what Thee have promise me, O’ He who did not fail His promise, gather all my companions and grant them patient, assist me against Thy enemies and the enemies of Thy Messengers, don’t block my calling, because I am Thy servant, the descendant of Thy servant, a captive before Thee, my master, Thee bestow this position on me and confer it upon me and not to other among Thy creatures. I seek form Thee to bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and to implement what Thee has promise me, Thee are Honest who did not  fail His promise and Thee possess the power over all thing.

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