Day 20 Supplication of monthDay 20 Supplication of month

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

O Allah, commend Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, have mercy on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as You have commended, blessed and had mercy on Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim; surely You are “.. Praiseworthy, All-glorious” (11:73) with a blessing by which we attain your pleasure and Your Garden, and by which we are safe from Your anger and the Fire.


O Allah, appoint our Prophet Muhammad, blessings of Allah on him and his family, to a praiseworthy station to which aspire the earlier and the later peoples.


O Allah, bless and salute him and his family, and bestow on him the most excellent share of merits and make him attain the most excellent eminence and the station of the honoured.


O Allah, distinguish Muhammad, blessings of Allah on him and his

Family, with praiseworthy mention and the drinking place of the Pool.


O Allah, honour his foundations and magnify his proof, give us to drink from his cup, take us to his Pool, and gather us in his party, unabased, not (among) the remorseful or the complaining, nor the alterers (of religion), or those who break promises, or the doubters or the deniers or those subject to temptations, or those who lead astray or those led astray, satisfied with the reward and safe from the punishment, “..a hospitality” (3:198) from You, surely You are “.. the All-Mighty, the All-giving” (38:9).


O Allah, bless Muhammad, blessings of Allah on him and his family, leader of the good, chief of the good, and enhance the greatness of his blessing on all mankind, lands, animals and trees,


O Most Merciful of the merciful…

O Allah, grant Muhammad, blessings on him and his family from every honour the most excellent of that honour, from every blessing the most excellent of that blessing,

From every ease the most excellent of that ease, from every gift the most excellent of that gift, and from every share the most excellent of that share, so that there is none among Your creatures closer to You in station, or more favourable to You in rank or closer to You as an intermediary, or greater with You in honour. Or Mightier for You in right or in intercession than Muhammad, blessings of Allah on him and his family, in ease of life, happiness, permanence of blessing utmost degree of excellence, supreme nobility, hope of tranquillity, fulfilment of desires. Enjoyment of pleasures and joys which have no resemblance to the joys of this world…

O Allah, grant Muhammad, blessings of Allah on him and his family, the means of attainment (to You) and bestow on him eminence and excellence, and appoint his station

among the most exalted, and his love among the chosen ones, and his glory among those brought near…

We bear witness to You that he has conveyed Your message, sincerely consulted Your servants, recited Your verses, established Your statutes, made manifest Your affair, executed Your command, fulfilled Your promise, struggled in Your way and worshipped You sincerely until ‘the certainty’ came to him (ref.15:99);

And that he, blessings of Allah on him and his family, commanded Your obedience and conformed to it,

Forbad Your disobedience and refrained from it, befriended Your friend as it pleased You to befriend him,

And was hostile to Your enemy as it pleased You to be hostile to him…

Therefore Your blessings on Muhammad, leader of the god-fearing, chief of the Messengers, seal of the Prophets and Your Messenger,

O Lord of all Being.

O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, in “.. the night when it veils” (92:1), and bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad in “.. the day when it appears radiant” (92:2), and bless him among “… the end and the beginning” (92:13), grant him the state of being well-pleased and increase him (in satisfaction) after being well-pleased…

O Allah, gladden our Prophet Muhammad, blessing of Allah on him and his family, through those who follow him from among him community, his wives, his offspring and his companions, and make us and the people of his house, all his community, the people of our houses and those whose right You have made obligatory on us-the living among them and the dead- of those through whom he is made happy,

O Allah, gladden all of us through seeing him, then do not separate us from him.

O Allah, take us to his pool, give us to drink with his cup, gather us in his party and under his banner and do not deny us his companionship;

“… surely You are Powerful over everything” (3:26);


salutations and blessings on him and his family, the good, the excellent and the mercy and blessings of Allah.

O Allah, Lord of death and life, Lord of the heavens and the earth, Lord of all Being, our Lord and the Lord of our fathers, the ancients.

You are the One, “the Independent” (112:2), You did not beget nor were you begotten and “there is no one like Him” (112:4).

You have authority over the kings through Your Power You have enslaved lords through Your Invincibility, held dominion over the mighty by Your Liberality, scattered the nobility by Your Might, demolished the mountains by Your Majesty, Chosen Pride and Grandeur for Yourself;

Praise and eulogy are established in Your presence and the station of Glory and Honour are for You, Nothing reaches Your utmost degree and none is able to attain Your Power.

You are the Protector of those who seek protection, the Refuge of those who seek refuge, the Support of the believers, the Path for the need of the seekers.

O Allah, I ask You to turn away from me the temptation of desires. And I ask You to have mercy on me and make me firm before every misleading temptation. You are the depository of my complaints and my request. There is none like You and none attains to Your Power, You are Greater, more Sublime, More Generous, Mightier, More Exalted, More Majestic, Nobler, More Glorious and More Generous than all creation are able to attain than all of creation are able to describe…

You are as You have described Yourself, O “ Master of the Day of Judgement” (1:4).

O Allah, I ask You by every Name belonging to You by which You like to be called, and by every call with which anyone among the earlier and later of Your creatures have

Called on You and You have answered them through it, to forgive me all my sins, the past and the recent, the small and the big, the secret and the open, that which I know of and that of which I have no knowledge, and those of which You have counted against me and remembered, and I myself have forgotten…

O Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me, and return to me (in forgiveness),  “… Surely You are the Oft-turning, the All-Compassionate” (2:128), O Most Merciful of the merciful..


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