Day 14 Supplication of MonthDay 14 Supplication of Month

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

O Allah, bless Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet and the family of Muhammad as You have blessed Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim; surely You are “….Praiseworthy, All-glorious” (11:73).

O Allah, I ask You after Your glorification and (sending) blessings on Your Prophet, to forgive me all my sins, all of them, the past and the recent, the great and the small, the secret and the open, those which I know of and those of which I have no knowledge, and those which You have counted against me, and which I have myself forgotten.

O Allah, O Allah, O Allah,

O Merciful, O Merciful,

O Merciful,

O Compassionate,

O Compassionate,

O Compassionate.

There is no god but You. Voices are lowered to You, intellects are confounded about You, sights are dazzled before You, and hearts reach out to You…

 There is no god but You,

Everything is submissive to You,

Everything is protected by You,

And every thing is humbled to You.

There is no god but You,

All of creation is in Your Grasp all forelocks are in your Hand,

Every one who associates equals with You is Your abject slave…

 You are the Lord Who has no equal,

The Everlasting Who does not cease,

The Eternal Who has no end,

The King Who has no partner,

The Living, “..the Quickener of the dead” (30:50), “.. who stands over every soul for what it has earned” (13:33).

 There is no god but You:

The First before Your creation,

The Last after them,

The Prevailer above them,

Their Subduer,

The Powerful behind them,

The One Near to them,

Their Sovereign, their Creator the Taker of their souls,

Their Sustainer, the Object of their desires,

Their Master, the Depository of their complaints,

Their Defender and their Intercessor…

 There is no one above You that intervenes in their way

And in Your Grasp is their return and their abode

You do we hope from and Your Bounty do we aspire to,

There is no power nor might but with You;

Strength of every weak one,

Refuge of every grieved one,

Safeguard of every fearful one,

Depository of every complaint,

Dispeller of every affliction.

 There is no god buy You,

Fortress of every fleeing one,

Might of every humbled one,

Aid of every oppressed one,

There is no power nor might but with You.

 There is no god but You, Master of every blessing,

 Possessor of every good thing,

Repeller of every evil, Object of every desire,

Fulfiller of every need,

There is no power nor might but with You.

There is no god but You, All-merciful to His creatures,

All-gentle to his servants,

Despite His freedom from want of them and their need of Him.

There is no god but You,

Aware of every hidden thing,

Witnesser of every secret,

“.. All-gentle to what He will” (12:100),

“… Doer of whatsoever He wills” (11:107).

O Living, there is no god but You,

There is no power nor might but with You.

O Allah, You are Allah, there is not god but You,

“.. Knower of the unseen and the seen” (59:22),

“.. The Merciful, the Compassionate” (59:22),

“Originator of the heavens and the earth” (6:14),

“… Possessor of Majesty and Honour” (55:78)

You are the “Forgiver of Sins, the Acceptor of repentance,

Severe in chastisement, the Bountiful” (40:3),

There is no god but You, and to You is the destination (ref 40:3)

O Allah, I ask You by ‘there is no god but You, to bless Muhammad and his family,,,

And to grant me all my requests, wishes, desires and intentions, for that is easy for You and “ .. You are powerful over everything” (3:26),

And Your command, when You desire a thing, is only to say to it ‘Be’, and it is  (ref 36:82)

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