His Supplication at the time of sunsetHis Supplication at the time of sunset

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

I wish to seek proximity to You by Your grace and generosity and by Your special servant Mohammed peace be on him and his progeny and through You and through the angels who are near to You. O Allah Self Sufficiency belongs to You and for me is the dependency in Your Presence You are rich and I am indigent forgive my laxities, conceal my sins, and today fulfil my desires, and whatever sins You are aware of, don’t chastise me, but put me in Your mercy and Generosity

(then go in Sajdah and recite)

O the center of piety, O the possessor of forgiveness, O the most generous for the doers of good. You are more generous than my father, my mother and the entire universe. Pass my life in fulfilling my desires. Accept my prayers, have mercy on my voice, You have averted various types of difficulties from me.

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