In Ibn Tawus Muhsabat al-Nafs, from the book of al-Rabi’ from “Muhammad”  al-Mustakin: In his narration from ‘Abu Jafar D who said: When the redness of the sun reached the peak of the mountain, tears would flow from the  “Holy Prophet” ’s  eyes and he would say:

O  “Allah” ! The day has come while my oppression has sought refuge in Your Forgiveness, and my sins have sought refuge in Your Pardon, my fear has sought refuge in Your Security, my weakness has sought refuge in Your Strength and my transient existence has sought refuge in Your Everlasting Existence. Grant me well-being, and cover me with Your Mercy, and honor me with Your Nobleness, and keep me safe from the evil of Your creation, from the jinn and man. O Allah! O Compassionate! O Merciful!

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