In al-Bi¦¡r, from Da’aw¡t al-R¡wandi: From the supplications of the  “Noble Prophet”   was:

O One who reveals the beautiful (deeds) and conceals the ugly (actions)! O One who did not expose the secret and did not punish the offence! O Most Forgiving! O Best Excuser! O Great Pardoner! O One whose hands are open with mercy! O Hearer of all whisperings! O One to whom all complaints are made! O Most Excellent in forgiving! O Great Bestower of bounties! O Giver of blessings before they are deserved! O Lord! O Master! O Guardian! O Goal of (my) desires! I Beseech You, O All¡h  “All¡h” ! Not to disfigure me with the fire of hell, and to fulfill my desires of the hereafter and this world, and do such-and-such for me… and send Your Blessings on Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  and the progeny of Mu¦ammad.

 Shaykh al-Muf¢d in al-Am¡l¢: From J¡bir al-Ju’fi, from Ab¢ Ja~far Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  ibn ~Al¢  “~Al¢”  H, from J¡bir ibn ~Abdill¡h Ans¡ri, from the Prophet of  “All¡h”  9 who said in a ¦ad¢th: Jibra`¢l said: “O Mu¦ammad! Say at all times:

Praise be to   “All¡h” , Lord of the universe.”

 In al-Muhaj: From the supplications of the Noble Prophet  “Holy Prophet”  9 is the du~¡ al-faraj :

In the name of All¡h  “All¡h” , the Compassionate, the Merciful. O All¡h! I beseech You. O All¡h! O All¡h! O All¡h! O He who is exalted and dominates! O He who is hidden and aware! O He who is the master and ercises power! O He who is worshipped and rewards! O He who is disobeyed and forgives! O He who is not comprehended by thought! O He who is not perceived by vision! O He from whom no trace remains hidden! O Lofty placed! O Firm in support! O Revealer of the Qur`¡n! O Shifter of time! O Accepter of sacrifices! O Clear in proof! O Excellent in glory! O Possessor of graciousness and benevolence! O Possessor of might and force! O Merciful! O Compassionate! O Lord of lords! O Forgiver! O Bestower! O Remover of shackles! O Raiser of clouds! O He who replies whenever He is called! O Reducer of costs! O Sender of rain! O Grower of trees in barren land! O Bringer out of plants (from the ground)! O Giver of life to the dead! O He who annuls slips! O Remover of troubles! O He who does not get annoyed by the sounds (of those who call upon Him), nor are words ever indistinct for Him, nor does darkness cover Him. O Bestower of requests! O Sponsorer of good! O Repeller of adversities! O Accepter of charity! O Accepter of repentance! O Knower of the hidden! O Answerer of supplications! O Exalter in rank! O Provider of all needs! O Merciful on those who shed tears! O Fulfiller of entreaties! O Sender of blessings! O Gatherer of all scattered things! O He who brings back what has passed away! O Beautifier of the earth and the heavens! O Ample in blessings! O Remover of pain! O Healer of sickness! O Source of generosity and munificence! O Most Munificent of the munificent! O Most Generous of the generous! O Most Hearing of the hearers! O Most Seeing of the seers! O Most Merciful of the merciful! O Closest of the close! O Lord of the universe! O Helper of those who seek help! O Protector of those who seek protection! O Excuser of those who are at fault! O He who does not hurry in punishing the wrongdoers! O Freer of captives! O Reliever of sorrows of the sorrowful! O Gatherer of those who have separated! O One who watches over runaways! O Goal of the seekers! O Companion of every stranger! O Confidant of every lonely person! O Merciful to the old man! O Provider for the small child! O Setter of broken bones! O Safeguard of the fearful seeker of protection! O He who governs and determines! O He for whom the difficult is simple and easy! O He who is aware of all things! O He who has power over all things! O Creator of the heavens and the shining moon! O Cleaver of the dawn! O Sender of winds! O Dispatcher of the spirits! O He who possesses munificence and forbearance! O He in whose hands are all the keys! O Support for the one who has no support! O Protector of the one with no protector! O Provider of the one with no provisions! O Mighty for the one who has no might! O Treasure for the one who has no treasure! O Sanctuary for the one who has no sanctuary! O Helper of the one with no helper! O Foundation for the one with no foundation! O Provider of aid for the one with no aid! O Giver of great hope! O Munificent in forgiving! O Best accepter of excuses! O Great pardoner! O One whose hands are open with mercy! O Giver of blessings before they are deserved! O Possessor of the indisputable proof! O Owner of the kingdom and sovereignty! O Possessor of might and power! O He who is living and will never die! I beseech You by Your knowledge of the unseen, and by Your understanding of what is in the depths of the hearts, and by every name that You have chosen for Yourself or have sent down in a book from among Your books or have hidden in Your unseen knowledge; and by all Your beautiful names until arriving at Your Most High and Lofty Name which You have exalted over all Your other names. I beseech You by it! I beseech You by it! I beseech You by it! That You send blessings on Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  and the progeny of Mu¦ammad, and that You make easy for me that which I fear to be difficult, and that You relieve me of grief, sorrow and troubles, and whatever makes me distressed or weakens my patience, for surely there is none who has the power to relieve me other than You; and deal with me in a manner that befits You, O worthy of Fear and worthy of (granting) Pardon! O One other than whom none can resolve difficulties and none can remove sorrow, and none can deliver me but He! Save me from the evil of my self in particular and from the evil of people in general; and set right all my issues and set right all my matters, and fulfill my desires, and grant me an escape and a deliverance from my situation; for surely You know and I do not know, and You have power and I have no power, and You have power over all things – by Your Mercy O Most Merciful of mercifuls.

 Also in Muhaj al-Da’aw¡t: From Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  ibn al-°asan al-Saff¡r: In his narration from al-®¡diq D who said: The Prophet of All¡h  “All¡h”  9 used to supplicate in his du~¡:

O   “All¡h” ! Make me patient, and make me thankful, and keep me in Your protection.

 In al-Irsh¡d of al-Daylami: He 9 would supplicate and say:

O All¡h  “All¡h”  apportion for us from Your fear that which would remove us from Your disobedience, and (apportion for us) from Your obedience that which would get us to paradise, and from certitude that which would ease the troubles of this world; and grant us the continued use of our hearing and sight, and help us against our enemies, and do not make this world our greatest concern, and do not give mastery over us to those who have no mercy on us. O All¡h! All praise be to You. To You does the complainer refer and You are the Helper; You have what is desired and with You lies the end of all wishes. O All¡h! Calm my fear and hide my faults. O All¡h! Make right our religion which is the protection for our affairs, and make right our world for it is the place wherein we live, and make right our hereafter for it is our eventual destination; and make the life (in this world) more for us in every good, and make death a relief for us from every evil. O All¡h! I beseech You for all that which is the cause of Your Mercy, and that which ascertains Your Forgiveness; and benefit from every virtue, and safety from every sin. O One to whom all complain! O Witness of all secret communications! O Reliever of all troubles! Verily You see but cannot be seen, and You are in the highest viewpoint; I beg You for paradise and whatever brings me closer to it from words and actions, and I seek Your protection from the hellfire and whatever brings me closer to it from words and actions. O All¡h! I beseech You for the best of Your good pleasure and paradise, and I seek Your protection from the worst of Your wrath and the hellfire. O All¡h! I ask for the good that You know and seek protection from the evil that You know, for verily You are the knower of the unseen.

 In J¡mi~ al-Akhb¡r: A supplication narrated from the”Holy Prophet”  9:

O All¡h  “All¡h” ! I seek Your protection from a bad fate and a bad destiny and a look that is harmful to my family, property and children.

 Also: From his 9 supplications:

O All¡h  “All¡h” ! I seek Your protection from wealth that causes me to transgress, and from poverty that makes me forget (Your bounties), and from the desire that ruins me, and from the action that disgraces me and from the neighbor who disturbs me.

Also: From his 9 supplications:

O All¡h  “All¡h” ! Make us occupied in following Your commandments, trust in Your promise, lose hope in Your creation, become close with You, feel repelled by other than You, are pleased with Your decree, patient with Your trials, thankful for Your blessings, enjoy Your remembrance, are happy with Your book, whisper to You in the darkness of the night and the light of day, are ready for death, crave for meeting with You, hate this world and love the hereafter; and grant us what You have promised us by Your prophets and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection, surely You do not break Your promises.

In al-K¡f¢: In his narration from A¦mad ibn Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  ibn Kh¡lid which he attributed to one of the infallibles who said: Jibra`¢l D came to the   “Noble Prophet”  9 and said to him: “Your Lord says to you: If you wish to worship me in the day and night as I am worthy of being worshipped, then raise your hands to me and say:

O   “All¡h” ! All praise be to You – praise which is eternal with Your Everlastingness. All praise be to You – praise that is unending but by Your knowledge. All praise be to You – praise that has no limit in duration but by Your will. All praise be to You – praise that gives no reward to its utterer apart from Your pleasure. O All¡h! All praise is for You, and all graciousness is from You, and all pride is Yours, and all magnificence is Yours, and all light is Yours, and all respect is Yours, and all power is Yours, and all might is Yours, and the whole world is Yours, and the whole hereafter is Yours, and all the nights and days are Yours, and all creation is Yours, and in Your hand is all good, and to You return all affairs, open or secret. O All¡h! All praise is for You – an everlasting praise. You are the Best Tester, the Most Praiseworthy, Ample in blessings, Just in passing decrees, Most Generous in giving, the Best Bestower of bounties, Lord of all who are in the earth, and Lord of all in the heavens.

O   “All¡h” ! All praise is for You in the seven years of hardship, and for You is all praise in the wide expanse of the earth, and all praise is for You as much as the ability of the servants, and all praise is for You up to the limits of the land, and all praise is for You in the mountains that act as pegs, and all praise is for You in the night when it draws a veil, and all praise is for You in the day when it shines in brightness, and all praise is for You in the hereafter and the former, and all praise is for You in the Seven Oft-repeated Verses and the Glorious Qur`¡n. Glory and praise be to All¡h; and the whole earth will be in His grip on the Day of Resurrection and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand. Glory be to Him, and far is He above the partners they ascribe to Him; Glory and praise be to All¡h, all things will perish except He.

Glory be to You our Lord, the Sublime, the Divine, the Noble; You created everything with Your power, and You overpower everything by Your might, and You have risen above everything with Your exaltedness, and You have conquered everything with Your strength, and You originated everything with Your wisdom and knowledge, and You sent the prophets with Your books, and You guided the righteous with Your permission, and You helped the believers with Your divine succor, and You ruled over the creation with Your sovereignty. There is no god but You – alone without any partner; we do not worship anyone other than You, and we do not ask anyone but You, and we do not desire anything but closeness to You. You are the One to whom we complain, and You are the goal of our desires, and our Lord and our Master.”

 In al-Ja~fariy¡t: In his narration from Ja~far ibn Mu¦ammad  “Mu¦ammad”  from his fathers from Al¢”  G who said: When the tablecloth was laid in front of the Noble Prophet  “Holy Prophet”  9 he would say:

O  “All¡h” ! Make it a blessing that is limited, appreciated and linked to paradise.

  1. In ‘Aw¡rif al-Ma’¡rif: From al-’Irb¡s ibn S¡riyah who said: The Noble Prophet “Holy Prophet” 9 used to supplicate:

O   “All¡h” ! Make Your love more beloved to me than my self, my hearing, my sight, my family, my wealth and cool water.

  1. In al-Faqih: The Noble Prophet “Holy Prophet” 9 used to say in his du~¡:

O  “All¡h” ! I seek Your protection from a son who subjugates me, and from wealth that is the cause of my ruin, and from the wife who makes me old before my time, and from the conspiring friend whose eyes see me but his heart envies me – if he sees any good (action from me) he conceals it and if he sees any bad he spreads it; and I seek Your protection from the pain of the stomach.

In al-Muhaj: From the supplications of the Noble Prophet “Noble Prophet” 9:

O   “All¡h” ! I seek Your protection from becoming poor in Your Wealth, or going astray in Your Guidance, or becoming abased in Your Exaltedness, or getting treated unjustly in Your Dominion, or being persecuted while all affairs return to You. O All¡h! I seek Your protection from speaking lies, or being immoral, or being arrogant in front of You.

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