In al-Muhaj: The ‘Hij¡b’ (covering) of the Noble Prophet XE “Holy Prophet”  9 (i.e. the supplication for protection from enemies) was:

‘We have cast veils over their hearts lest they understand it and a heaviness in their ears’.‘And when you remember your Lord alone, in the Qur`¡n, they turn their backs in aversion’. O All¡h XE “All¡h” ! By that which your Might and Majesty have covered, and by that which have been engulfed by the perfection of your Sovereignty, and by the honor that comes forth from your Infinite Knowledge, and by that which is encompassed by your Dominion; O One whose command cannot be overruled and whose ruling cannot be overturned! Place between myself and my enemies a covering that cannot be removed even by strong winds, nor can it be cut by sharp blades, nor can spears pierce it. O One whose Might is great! Guard me from the one who has taken aim at me with his arrows and the one who makes me the target of his strikes; and remove from me every sorrow and hardship. O remover of the sorrows of Ya’qub! Remove my sorrows; O Eliminator of the hardships of Ayyub! Eliminate my hardships; and defeat for me the one who has defeated me, O Defeater who cannot be defeated. ‘And All¡h turned back the unbelievers in their rage; they did not obtain any advantage, and All¡h sufficed the believers in their fight and All¡h is Strong and Mighty’. ‘Then We aided those who believed against their enemy and they became the ones who prevailed.’

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