In Majmu’at al-Shaheed, quoting from the book of Fadhl ibn Mu¦ammad XE “Mu¦ammad”  al-Ash’ari: From Masma’ from Ab¢ Bakr al-Hadhram¢ from Ab¢ Ja~far D who said: When the Noble Prophet XE “Noble Prophet”  9 had finished reciting the shahadatayn and the sal¡m, he would sit down cross-legged and place his right hand on his head, then say:

In the name of All¡h XE “All¡h” , there is no god but He, the Knower of the unseen and the seen, the Beneficent, the Merciful. O All¡h! Send You blessings on Mu¦ammad XE “Mu¦ammad”  and the progeny of Mu¦ammad and take away from me all distress and sorrow.

In al-K¡f¢: Narrated from Mu¦ammadXE “Mu¦ammad” ibn al-Faraj who said: Ab£ Ja~far ibn al-Ri¤¡ D wrote to me: … And when the Noble Prophet XE “Holy Prophet”  9 had completed his prayer, he would say:

O All¡h XE “All¡h” ! Forgive me for my actions of the past and future, those done in secret and in the open; and my extravagance in my affairs and that which You are more aware of than me. O All¡h! You are The Beginning and The End, there is no god but You; by Your Knowledge of the unseen and by Your Power over all the creatures, if You know that life is better for me then make me live and if death is better for me cause me to die. O All¡h! I ask for the ability to fear You in private and in public, and to speak the truth in anger and happiness, and to be moderate in poverty and wealth; and I ask You for blessings that do not get diminished, and light of my eyes that does not cease; and I ask You to make me pleased with what has been decreed, and grant me the blessing of death after life, and the ease of life after death, and the delight of witnessing Your presence, and the longing for seeing You and meeting You, without any difficult trials and misguiding temptations. O All¡h! Adorn us with the embellishment of faith and make us rightly guided guides. O All¡h! Guide us as those whom You have guided. O All¡h! I ask You for the will to follow the right way and remain steadfast, and I ask You to help me give thanks for Your bounties and the good health You have given me, and to fulfill my obligations to You. And I ask You, O Lord, for an untainted heart and a truthful tongue, and I seek forgiveness for what You know (of my faults), and I ask You for the best of what You know (to be good for me); and I seek refuge with You from the evil of what You know, for surely You know and we do not know, and You are the Knower of the unseen.

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