S43 – His Supplication when he Looked at the New Crescent MoonS43 – His Supplication when he Looked at the New Crescent Moon

O obedient creature,

speedy and untiring,

frequenter of the mansions of determination,174

moving about in the sphere of governance!



I have faith in Him who

lights up darknesses through You,

illuminates jet-black shadows by You,

appointed You one of the signs of His kingdom

and one of the marks of His authority,

and humbled You through increase and decrease,

rising and setting,

illumination and eclipse.

In all of this You are obedient to Him,

prompt toward His will.



Glory be to Him!

How wonderful is what He has arranged in Your situation!

How subtle what He has made for Your task!

He has made You the key

to a new month

for a new situation.



So I ask God, my Lord and Your Lord,

my Creator and Your Creator,

my Determiner and Your Determiner,

my Form-giver and Your Form-giver,

that He bless Muhammad and his Household

and appoint You

a crescent of blessings not effaced by days

and of purity not defiled by sins;



a crescent of security from blights

and of safety from evil deeds;

a crescent of auspiciousness containing no misfortune,

of prosperity accompanied by no adversity,

of ease not mixed with difficulty,

of good unstained by evil;

a crescent of security and faith,

favor and good-doing,

safety and submission!



O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

place us among

the most satisfied of those

over whom the crescent has risen,

the purest of those

who have looked upon it,

the most fortunate of those

who have worshipped You under it;

give us the success during [the new month] to repent,

preserve us within it from misdeeds,

guard us therein from pursuing disobedience to You,



allot to us within it thanksgiving for Your favor,

clothe us during it in the shields of well-being,

and complete for us Your kindness

by perfecting therein obedience to You!

Surely You are All-kind, Praiseworthy.

And bless Muhammad and his Household, the good, the pure.




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