S40 – His Supplication when Death was MentionedS40 – His Supplication when Death was Mentioned

His Supplication when Someone’s Death was Announced to him or when he Remembered Death



O God,

Bless Muhammad and his Household,

spare us drawn out expectations

and cut them short in us through sincerity of works,

that we may not hope expectantly for

completing an hour after an hour,

closing a day after a day,

joining a breath to a breath,

or overtaking a step with a step!



Keep us safe from the delusions of expectations,

make us secure from their evils,

set up death before us in display.

and let not our remembering of it come and go!



Appoint for us from among the righteous works a work

through which we will feel the homecoming to You as slow

and crave a quick joining with You,

so that death may be

our intimate abode with which we are intimate,

our familiar place toward which we yearn,

and our next of kin whose coming we love!



When You bring it to us

and send it down upon us,

make us happy with it as a visitor,

comfort us with its arrival,

make us not wretched through entertaining it,

degrade us not through its visit,

and appoint it one of the gates to Your forgiveness

and the keys to Your mercy!



Make us die

guided, not astray,

obedient, not averse,

repentant, not disobedient or persisting,

O He who guarantees the repayment of the good-doers

and seeks to set right the work of the corrupt!



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