S27 – His Supplication for the People of the Frontiers (Ahl- Thughoor)S27 – His Supplication for the People of the Frontiers (Ahl- Thughoor)

O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

fortify the frontiers of the Muslims

through Your might,

support their defenders

through Your strength,

and lavish upon them gifts

through Your wealth!



O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

increase their number,

hone their weapons,

guard their territory,

defend their midst,

unite their throng,

arrange their affair,

send them supplies in a steady string,

undertake Yourself to suffice them with provisions,

support them with victory,

help them with patience,

and give them subtlety in guile!



O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

give them the knowledge of that of which they are ignorant,

teach them what they do not know,

and show them what they do not see!



O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household,

make them forget when they meet the enemy

to remember this cheating and delusive world of theirs,

erase from their hearts the thought of enchanting possessions,

place the Garden before their eyes,

and display to their sight that part of it

which You have prepared for them –

the homes of everlastingness

and mansions of honor,

the beautiful houris,

the rivers gushing forth

with all sorts of drinks,

the trees hanging,

low with all kinds of fruits –

lest any of them think of turning his back

or suggest to himself to flee his opponent!



O God,

defeat their enemy through that,

trim their nails from them,

separate them from their weapons,

pull out the firm ties from their hearts,

keep them far away from their stores,

bewilder them in their roads,

turn them astray from their direction,

cut off reinforcements from them,

chop them down in numbers,

fill their hearts with terror,

hold back their hands from stretching forth,

tie back their tongues from speaking,

scatter by them the ones behind them

make them a lesson for those beyond them,

and through their degradation

cut off the hopes of those who come after them!



O God,

make the wombs of their women barren,

dry up the loins of their men,

cut off the breeding of their mounts and their cattle,

and permit not their sky to rain

or their earth to grow!



O God,

through that

strengthen the prowess of the People of Islam,

fortify their cities,

increase their properties,

give them ease

from their fighting

to worship You

and from their warfare

to be alone with You,

so that none will be worshipped

in the regions of the earth but You

and no forehead of theirs may be rubbed in dust

for less than You!



O God,

send out the Muslims of every region on raids against

the idolaters who face them!

Reinforce them with angels in ranks from You,

till the idolaters are routed by them to the end of the land,

slain in Your earth or taken captive,

or till they admit that You are God,

other than whom there is no god,

You alone, who have no associate!



O God,

include in this Your enemies in the regions of the lands,

the Indians, the Byzantines, the Turks,

the Khazars, the Abyssinians, the Nubians,

the Zanjis, the Slavs, the Daylamites,

and the rest of the idol-worshipping nations,

those whose names and attributes are concealed,

but whom You count in Your cognizance

and oversee through Your power!



O God,

distract the idolaters from reaching for the borders of the Muslims

through the idolaters,

bar them from cutting them down

through being cut down,

and hold them back from massing together against them

through dissension!



O God,

empty their hearts of security

and their bodies of strength,

distract their hearts from thinking of stratagems,

make their limbs too feeble for clashing with men,

make them too cowardly for contending with champions,

send against them a troop of Your angels

with some of Your severity

as You did on the Day of Badr,

so that through it You may

cut off their roots,

harvest their thorns,

and disperse their number!



O God,

mix their waters with pestilence

and their foods with maladies,

hurl down their cities,

harass them with peltings,

hinder them through drought,

place their supplies in the most ill-omened part of Your earth

and the farthest from them,

bar them from its fortresses,

and strike them with constant hunger and painful illness!



O God,

if a warrior from the people of Your creed

wars against them

or a struggler from the followers of Your prescriptions

struggles against them

so that Your religion may be the highest,

Your party the strongest,

and Your share the fullest,

cast ease to him,

arrange his affair,

attend to him by granting success,

select for him his companions,

strengthen his back,

lavish upon him livelihood,

give him enjoyment of joyous vitality,

cool for him the heat of yearning,

give him sanctuary from the gloom of loneliness,

make him forget the remembrance of wife and child,

pass along to him an excellent intention,

attend to him with well-being,

make safety his companion,

release him from cowardice,

inspire him with boldness,

provide him with strength,

support him with help,

teach him right conduct and the norms of the Sunna,

point him straight in judgement,

remove from him hypocrisy,

purify him from seeking fame,

and make his thinking and remembrance,

his departing and his staying,

be in You and for You!

When he stands in ranks before Your enemy and his enemy,

make them few in his eye,

diminish their importance in his heart,

give him a turn to prevail over them,

not them a turn to prevail over him!

But if You seal him with felicity

and decree for him martyrdom,

then let it be after

he has exterminated Your enemies by slaying,

captivity has afflicted them,

the borders of the Muslims are secure,

and Your enemy has turned his back in flight!



O God,

and if a Muslim should

take the place of a warrior or a soldier in his home,

attend to those left behind in his absence,

help him with a portion of his property,

assist him with equipment,

hone him for the struggle,

send along with him a supplication for his purpose,

or guard his honor in his absence,

reward him with the like of his reward

measure for measure,

like for like,

and recompense him for his act with an immediate compensation

through which he will hasten to

the profit of what he has sent forth

and the joy of what he has given,

till the present moment takes him to

the bounty You have granted to him

and the generosity You have prepared for him!



O God,

and if the affair of Islam

should worry a Muslim

and the alliance of the idolaters’ against Islam

should grieve him,

so that he has the intention to go to war

and is about to enter the struggle,

but frailty keeps him seated,

neediness keeps him waiting,

a mishap delays him,

or an obstruction prevents him from his wish,

write his name

among the worshipers,

make incumbent for him

the reward of the strugglers,

and place him among the ranks

of the martyrs and the righteous!



O God, bless Muhammad, Your slave and Your messenger,

and the Household of Muhammad,

with a blessing high above all other blessings,

towering beyond all other salutations,

a blessing whose end is never reached

and whose number is never cut off,

like the most perfect of Your blessings that has passed

to any one of Your friends!

You are All-kind, Praiseworthy,

the Originator who takes back again,

Accomplisher of what You desire.


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