S33 – His Supplication in Asking for the BestS33 – His Supplication in Asking for the Best

O God,

I ask from You the best in Your knowledge,

so bless Muhammad and his Household

and decree for me the best!



Inspire us with knowledge to choose the best

and make that a means to

being pleased with what You have decreed for us

and submitting to what You have decided!

Banish from us the doubt of misgiving

and confirm us with the certainty of the sincere!



Visit us not with incapacity

to know what You have chosen, lest we

despise Your measuring out,

dislike the place of Your good pleasure,

and incline toward that which is

further from good outcome

and nearer to the opposite of well-being!



Make us love what we dislike

in Your decree

and make easy for us what we find difficult

in Your decision!



Inspire us to yield

to that which You bring upon us by Your will,

lest we

love the delay of what You have hastened

and the hastening of what You have delayed,

dislike what You love,

and choose what You dislike!



Seal us with that which is most praised in outcome

and most generous in issue!

Surely You give generous gain,

bestow the immense,

do what You will,

and You are powerful over everything.


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