S08 – His Supplication in Seeking RefugeS08 – His Supplication in Seeking Refuge

His Supplication in Seeking Refuge from Hateful Things, Bad Moral Qualities, and Blameworthy Acts



O God,

I seek refuge in You

from the agitation of craving,

the violence of wrath,

the domination of envy,

the frailty of patience,

the lack of contentment,

surliness of character,

urgency of passion,

the disposition to vehemence,



following caprice,

opposing guidance,

the sleep of heedlessness,

undertaking the toilsome,

preferring falsehood over truth,

persisting in sin,

making little of disobedience,

making much of obedience,



vying with the wealthy,

disparaging the poor,

guarding badly over those in our hands,

failing to thank those who have done good to us,



aiding a wrongdoer,

abandoning someone troubled,

wanting what is not rightfully ours,

and speaking about knowledge without knowing.



We seek refuge in You from harboring dishonesty toward anyone,

being pleased with our works,

and stretching out our expectations.



We seek refuge in You from


looking down on the small,

Satan’s gaining mastery over us,

time’s afflicting us,

and the sovereign’s oppressing us.



We seek refuge in You from acting with prodigality

and not having sufficiency.



We seek refuge in You from the gloating of enemies,

indigent need for equals,

living in hardship,

and dying without readiness.



We seek refuge in You from

the most dreadful remorse,

the greatest affliction,

the most wretched wretchedness,

the evil end to the journey,

the deprivation of reward,

and the advent of punishment.



O God,

bless Muhammad and his Household

and through Your mercy,

give to me refuge from all of that,

and to all the faithful,

both men and women!


O Most Merciful of the merciful!


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