S04 – Blessing upon the Attesters to the MessengersS04 – Blessing upon the Attesters to the Messengers

His Supplication in Calling Down Blessings upon the Followers of, and Attesters to, the Messengers

O God,

as for the followers of the messengers

and those of the people of the earth

who attested to them unseen

(while the obstinate resisted them through crying lies) –

they yearned for the emissaries through the realities of faith,



in every era and time in which You did send a messenger

and set up for the people a director

from the period of Adam down to Muhammad

(God bless him and his Household)

from among the imams of guidance

and the leaders of the Godfearing

(upon them all be peace) –

remember them with forgiveness and good pleasure!



O God,

and as for the Companions of Muhammad specifically,

those who did well in companionship,

who stood the good test in helping him,

responded to him

when he made them hear his messages’ argument,

separated from mates and children

in manifesting his word,

fought against fathers and sons

in strengthening his prophecy,

and through him gained victory;

those who were wrapped in affection for him,

hoping for a commerce

that comes not to naught in love for him;

those who were left by their clans

when they clung to his handhold

and denied by their kinsfolk

when they rested in the shadow of his kinship;



forget not, O God,

what they abandoned for You and in You,

and make them pleased with Your good pleasure

for the sake of the creatures they drove to You

while they were with Your Messenger,

summoners to You for You.



Show gratitude to them for leaving the abodes of their people for Your sake

and going out from a plentiful livelihood to a narrow one,

and [show gratitude to] those of them who became objects of wrongdoing

and whom You multiplied in exalting Your religion.



O God,

and give to those

who have done well in following the Companions,

who say, Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers

who went before us in faith,

Your best reward;

those who went straight to the Companions’ road,

sought out their course,

and proceeded in their manner.

No doubt concerning their sure insight diverted them

and no uncertainty shook them

from following in their tracks

and being led by the guidance of their light.

As their assistants and supporters,

they professed their religion,

gained guidance through their guidance,

came to agreement with them,

and never accused them in what they passed on to them.



O God,

and bless the Followers,

from this day of ours to the Day of Doom,

their wives,

their offspring,

and those among them who obey You,

with a blessing through which

You will preserve them from disobeying You,

make room for them in the plots of Your Garden,

defend them from the trickery of Satan,

help them in the piety in which they seek help from You,

protect them from sudden events that come by night and day

– except the events which come with good –

and incite them to

tie firmly the knot of good hope in You,

what is with You,

and refrain from ill thoughts [toward You]

because of what the hands of Your servants’ hold.



Thus You may

restore them to beseeching You and fearing You,

induce them to renounce the plenty of the immediate,

make them love to

work for the sake of the deferred

and prepare for what comes after death,

make easy for them every distress that comes to them

on the day when souls take leave from bodies,

release them from

that which brings about the perils of temptation

and being thrown down in the Fire

and staying forever within it,

and take them to security,

the resting place of the Godfearing.

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